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“Progression Over Perfection”

Our expressions of self usually reside in the things we consider ourselves to be most talented in. Some catch a thrill or let off steam on the basketball court. Others may channel the negative energy or free time and create whatever image comes to mind.

God gives us many talents, but you can say Khadijah Evans was blessed with athleticism and artistry. When the 21 year old isn’t playing an integral part of the UT-Tyler Women’s Basketball Team, she is channeling sounds and vibrations to curate some of the natural pieces I’ve seen on canvas.

I’m a true believer in investing in your friends or supporting an individuals true passion. When it comes to Khadijah, I’ve always admired her creative and free spirit and everything she does. But don’t take my word for it, get to know more about Khadijah below in our Q&A.

For customer artwork or any other merchandise, follow Ms. Evans on Twitter @HoboDia. Peep some of her dopest paintings.

Name: Khadijah Adwoa Evans – Age: 21 – Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas

When did you first start creating art?

I remember being in 2nd grade and drawing the power puff girls, but I look at them now & those drawings were terrible lol. I’ve always loved to draw. In 5th grade I would watch Naruto and pause it to draw the anime. Mom also used to get me those little art packs for Christmas with the paint, color pencils and all that. So ever since I was little, I would draw. That’s where it all started.

Your a college athlete, poet, and artist. What is your most preferred outlet of creative expression and why?

Mmm I love them all for different reasons, I don’t think i prefer any one to another. I love basketball because it’s just soothing, I love being on a team/family, that’s my outlet to get to be with people.
But art I get to create by myself and spend that time with God. I love chilling with Him and using the gift he gave me, listen to my gospel and I just release.

But poetry, I discovered spoken word poetry a few years ago and that is where my heart is. I can be thinking about stuff and write a poem on it in like 5 minutes. That’s really where I think I’m the most transparent. Because I’m a private person with my feelings, I like poetry because people get to see a totally different side of me.

What goes on in your mind while you create?

All kinds of things. I think about God, and life, and my family, and my dreams. I don’t like spending time just watching tv, I feel unproductive. So I go to create to follow my dreams, to try to do something bigger with my life. I think about how I can help people and how blessed I am to have the gifts I do.

Your best works are portraits of some of my favorite artist or people. What is your favorite type of art to create?

Painting is the most soothing to me, but I think I’m better at drawing personally. My favorite would probably be painting tho because I just sit on the floor in my room and afterwards i have all this paint on me and it makes me feel like a true artist, that’s not afraid to get dirty lol. But poetry comes the most easy to me, i dont really have to work at it so that def up there too.

What is the most challenging thing about creating for you?

The most challenging thing is finding the time. Basketball takes up so much time and then my friends always wanna hang out so I’ve tried to paint while hanging with them but it’s not the same feeling lol. Another thing is that I’m a perfectionist with it a lot so I see all the mistakes I make on the canvas, and i wanna fix every single one. But then I have to always get to a point where I just tell myself I’m done. Because if I don’t, I’ll be working on the painting foreverrrrrr.

Your Cole and Chance pieces are so sick! What music gets your creative juices flowing the most?

With those I tend to listen to whoever I’m painting. Like The Warm Up & Forest Hills drive was heavy rotation for the Cole one. The chance one I had surf going and coloring book of course!! I think gospel tho is what I like most, like James Fortune, Jonathan McReynolds, Travis Greene. But India Arie is up there too. Sometimes I just put on shuffle of my 8000 songs and listen to songs I’ve never heard before also lol.

Where do you want to take your skills in the next few years?

I’m in the process of making my own website right now, that’s the first step. I’ve also been putting myself on a schedule to upload YouTube poetry videos consistently. I hope to do this and more and just spread my clientele across the nation. I want to do a painting for someone like Lecrae or Cole, artists I look up to, within the next few years. I want to make a living off my gifts. I feel like that’s where God is taking me.

Advice for all the dreamers out there?

Time is money! Spend your time wisely because you can’t get it back. Every second of the day you aren’t working to perfect your gift or pursue your dreams is time lost. I’m not even close to where I want to be, but I know I have a passion for art and this God-given dream that I’m out to get for His glory. Keep working, and when you fail take it in joy. “A saint is just a sinner who fell down, but couldn’t stay there.” “Every saint got a past, every sinner got a future, every loser gotta win & every winner gotta lose someday.”

All I got is a dollar and a dream. And that’s enough.

Last modified: 01/10/2017