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“Futurist Is Here To Save The Children”

In my hometown, the only way to make it these days is to get out. It’s a difficult place for the young and motivated dream chasers like us to ensure our ideas prosper into the reality we want them to. Big dreams in Corpus Christi, TX may seem bleak at times, but 3 young men came together and saw their Futuristic idea as the way to collaborative success.

Andre Francis, Adrian Vargas and Steven Rodriguez linked up with one vision in mind. Find the future in all things creative and most importantly, inspire the world. After working out the kinks and preparing a blueprint to kick the idea off, the Futurist Clothing Company was brought to life in 2015.

Going on 2 years, Futurist has grown and become a more experienced brand when carrying out marketing ideas and conceptualizing pieces. You can’t help but admire the combined passion and dedication the Futurist crew has to spread their product to the masses.

Having come a long way with more to go, Futurist is bringing their talents together and striving to see their creative efforts pay off. As close friends, I’ve decided to introduce you all to the faces behind the brand who are just like you and I both. Check em out and get inspired!

Andre Francis – 21 – C.E.O.  :  Adrian Vargas – 20 – Visual Director  :  Steven Rodriguez III – 21 – C.O.O.

  • How did the Futurist idea first come about and what was the moment you decided to pursue it full speed?

(Andre) I had tweeted who would wear the clothes I made if I made some, I was just bs’n and then Javier shot me a DM with an idea and we linked up and made things happen. I think it hit me to run with it when people were actually liking our stuff.

(Stevie) I’ve always kinda wanted to start a brand or be apart of a brand because when I was younger my dad had his own streetwear brand. I used to love seeing the process of how he would make the design to putting it on the shirt. So when Andre and Javier hit me with the idea i was all for it.

  • Why the name Futurist and how would you explain what the brand stands for?

(Andre) Javier came up with the name Futurist, because he thought it sounded cool. Futurist to me stands for, doing what you believe in and trusting yourself to make the right decisions in your everyday life & also trusting your ideas even if people are shitting on them.

(Stevie) Our motto, “Save the Children”, means to get out of the mind state of not being able to do you because your being held back by fear of failing. Do what you want! If you fail, who cares? You still tried to do what you want. Most people are scared of that.

(Adrian) We want to shape the future in what way we see fit. We want to let the youth know that in order to be happy and succeed, you have to trust in your ideas.

  • Where do the concepts for each design stem from?

(Stevie) The designs come from the seasons we are in. Just trying to show people how the time being makes us feel. Also, we just make whatever we think is cool. Of course, all of our drops are themed and have a concept but we just do what we want.

  • There’s an interesting line between “support your friends” and “invest in your friends” when it comes to independent endeavors. What is your take?

(Adrian) If you support someone, that’s great. Show them how you follow their work and what their doing by retweeting, liking or sharing their merchandise. Now if you invest, it is much more than just social support. When someone invest in you, they buy your product, attend your business stuff (even if they don’t have to be there), and let you know they believe in what you stand for.

(Stevie) Supporting your friends is cool, but if you really genuinely fuck with your friends and really believe in them; you invest. I have friends that support what I do, but have yet to buy anything from us. On the other hand, I have friends Who’ve bought every piece we have dropped and tell everyone about us.

  • Do you ever have any doubts and what’s your biggest motivator?

(Andre) Eh, I rarely have any doubts. But my biggest motivator would probably be Tyler, The Creator. Since he always preaches you can do whatever you set your mind to, I try to live by that so I can be successful in the future. Nobody can tell me different since I have confidence in myself.

(Stevie) I never have any doubts that we can be big one day, but I do question some things. My biggest motivator is being able to look back on life and know I did something with my life. Knowing I put something out that will forever be apart of the world.

(Adrian) I do have doubts but what offsets those doubts are my motivations. Getting my mom out of debt & whatever she wants is the biggest motivation.

  • If there was artist you’d be stoked to see rock your brand, who would it be?

(Andre) Uhhh definitely Tyler, YesJulz, and Jesse Eisenberg. 

(Stevie) Pharrell! He just oozes cool and is the epitome of style. 

(Adrian) Mac Miller for sure. 

  • Everybody has that brand or trend they can’t stand. What’s yours?

(Andre) Chelsea boots & Balenciaga shoes.

(Stevie)  I don’t like the new distressed clothes and all that bleached t-shirt nonsense. The vintage rock band & hip-hop shirts too. People don’t even fuck with those artists. It’s dumb to me, but everyone can dress how they want. Whatever makes them happy.

(Adrian) Wearing hats in a weird way irritates me. 

  • What’s the soundtrack to your life sounding like right now? 

(Andre) Honestly, Blond. Like, holy crap! Frank Ocean is the God sent greatest. Don’t @ me though. 

(Stevie) I’ve been jamming some Dwele, D’Angelo, Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Alicia Keys.

(Adrian) Primma Donna EP by Vince Staples.

  • Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

(Andre) Hopefully, I’ll have enough money to take care of mom and pops, get this sapphire bracelet I have always wanted, and be a big role model for kids around the world. Plus, I want to be poppin enough to where I can have a pop-up shop wherever we want. 

(Stevie) I will have a degree in Digital Media and hopefully Futurist will be a household name. Helping others to pursue their dreams. 

(Adrian) Hopefully with my mom not in debt.





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