Let’s Get CC Dance Collective Started

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“Positivity for the City”

I say it all the time; “GUD is 100% for the culture”. Inspirationally written and positivity driven. When a good friend of mine from back home, Jenny Espino, informed me about her new project in the city, I had to support it. GUD is all for the support of creativity and expression in all communities.

The Corpus Christi Dance Collective is a community based dance project committed to creating healthy, strong, confident and most importantly, happy dancers. By allowing choreographers, teachers, students and parents to have actual control in collaboratively shaping their dance education, dancers can develop a fundamental and complete understanding of movement.

CCDC is really seeking to push the ideology and experience of dance and art forward in the Coastal Bend. The future improvements the dance project could have on the city are exciting but with great ideas comes a real investment. In order for CCDC to provide the best experience and environment for the dance community, financial support is needed. What better place to put your money than to a organization who is making a difference in the community.

In the past week, CCDC has already raised a little over $1,300 for the project. The donation goal is $4,000 and the CCDC is almost there. You can visit & donate the fundraiser via Generosity and learn more as well. I personally will make my own financial donation to the cost, next pay day of course. Any donation helps so pass the word around. Instead of spending 20 dollars on drinks at the club on your weekends out, invest into your community and actually witness the impact of your donation.

Last modified: 01/10/2017