Get Lost with Cloudpool

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 “Life is Pointless Unless You Make A Point”

I tell you, it’s amazing some of the cool and creative ideas you come across on Twitter. Not sure what I was doing but one day I came across this brand by the name of Cloudpool . The pieces and designs he had created were retro and colorful. The color schemes and designs just seemed carefree. After doing a little more research into the brand, I had to reach out.
GUD is all about the young and talented bringing those imaginative ideas to formation. Ian Laizer is doing just that. The 17-year-old residing in Atlanta, Georgia is the creator of Cloudpool. Ian hopes to inspire people to just be themselves. A message people should tell at least one person everyday.
Ian may have been short and simple in our quick Q&A below, but sometimes the product speaks louder than words.

Who is Ian Lazier ?
I’m a 17 year living in Atlanta, Georgia. 
Where did the name (Cloudpool) derive from?
It just kinda of came to me. I came up with the logo before I figured out the name.
How did Cloudpool first come together?
I downloaded illustrator and put my stuff on society 6 and it’s just went off form there.
The design for each concept usually has a colorful and simple approach with a vintage touch. How does each design or piece come together?
It’s kinda  just comes out of the visuals that I see in movies and in the world.
What is the inspiration or motivation behind Cloudpool?
Probably to change peoples perspective. Just giving someone an outlet to be their own person. I really just want to create a clothing brand that wasn’t not overpriced.
What’s next in store for CP and where do you see yourself in the next few years?
Doing more dynamic products.
What would you say to the people who are hesitant to chase after their happiness?
You only have one life. Just because you make everyone else happy doesn’t mean it makes you happy.
My name is Ian Laizer Im the owner of Cloudpool. I love adventure and life. I love to capture my memory in film and photos. I hope you love my product as much as I do.

Last modified: 01/10/2017