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“The Best Decision I Ever Made”

Growing up, our mind just spews out so many interesting ideas. Sometimes we are inspired by our surrounding so much, it is almost impossible to not constantly create.

Fashion and music icon, Pharrell Williams, had such a tremendous influence on my life growing up. He was the epitome of being yourself and doing whatever you wanted to do. But I wasn’t the only one motivated by the legend.

At the young age of 13, Colorado resider, Marcel Cormier toyed with the idea of one day starting his own clothing label. Some ideas come and go but there are always the ones that stick in the walls of our mind. At the top of 2016, Marcel decided to ignite the idea of creating his own clothing and Righteous Individuals was born.

Marcel began drawing up designs and pieces independently at first, but then Righteous Individuals developed into something bigger than clothing. A few of Marcel’s closest friends came together as a creative collective and brought in design and visual aspects to make the brand a full package.

After coming across some dope pieces from previous drops, I had to reach out to Marcel and support. This young man is another example of what GiveUhDamn stands for; doing what makes you happy in life. Not giving a damn about what the future holds because you shape your own future.

Peep our interview below and stay tuned with GUD for the latest from Righteous Individuals.


Title: Founder of Righteous Individuals / Creative Director / Designer

Age: 20

School: PPCC / Marketing

Q: So who is Marcel Cormier in your own words?

A: I am the founder of Righteous Individuals, I handle every aspect when it comes to the clothing side of Righteous. I’d say I’m very shy, only around people I don’t really know. I’m heavy into streetwear culture, art, music, comics/mangas. I was born in Lawton, Oklahoma and I moved back and forth from Colorado and Michigan when I was younger. 

Q: How and when did Righteous Individuals come about?

A: I started Righteous by myself near the end of 2015. Originally it was just gonna be a clothing brand but during the beginning of 2016 it turned into a creative collective with my closest friends. Members include designers, music artists, photographers/videographers. I’ve been talking about starting my own brand around the age of 13 or 14 and in 2015 I started to just get way more serious about. I came up with the name from one of my favorite Joey Bada$$ tracks “Righteous Minds” from his 1999 mixtape.

Q: Righteous is defined as being morally right or justifiable. Would you say your a righteous man yourself and how do you feel about that concept?

A: I honestly would say that I’m a pretty righteous person. The name represents the message we want to spread to people. One of our mottos is “Righteous Worldwide” and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do; get our message and dreams around the world. We want to inspire everyone to do what they love. To me, being righteous is being able to freely express my creative ways in whatever way I choose to. Through this, I was able to find real confidence in myself and learn that I can truly do anything I put my mind to.

Q: Three drops in, where does the inspiration for the designs and concepts come from?

A: The “Peaks” hoodies are actually our third drop from Righteous. My designs draw inspiration from my personal interests and Colorado. The mountains are purple in our logo because of the Colorado Rockies. The Miner beanies we dropped in December is just a flip of an old Denver Nuggets logo. Our Coral Wordmark shirts came about because of my favorite cartoon, Steven Universe.

Q: Following you on Twitter (not in a stalking way), I noticed we have a lot in common when it comes to our influencers. Pharrell to be exact. How does he inspire and motivate you?

A: Pharrell has been my biggest inspiration since the age of 7. When I first saw the “Frontin” video! If it wasn’t for Pharrell, I’d have no interest in fashion whatsoever. In the video they debuted the first pieces from Billionaire Boys Club but they weren’t even available to the public yet. BBC and Ice Cream were the first brands I started to follow when I began learning about streetwear. When I got to the age of ten, I really became a Pharrell stan because this was around the time he dropped In My Mind. “That Girl” is one of the best songs Pharrell has ever made! Some of my other influences are Tyler The Creator, Anwar Carrots, Phillip T. Annand (Madbury Club), Kristian Acosta (Felt), and Nigo (BAPE).

Q: What does music mean to you and who Marcel listening to these days?

A: Music is one of the greatest things to me. It can make you feel so many ways and it’s amazing/scary. For the most part, I listen to a lot of Pharrell and Tyler. Those are definitely my favorite artists. Right now, I’m really rocking with Lucki, $ilkmoney from Divine Council, Robb Bank$, and Thouxanban Fauni (a lot). When I’m not listening to rap, you’ll usually catch me listening to Tame Impala, Sade, Erykah Badu, and Toro Y Moi. 

Q: Righteous Individuals has the potential to really be something special. Where do you see the brand going in the future?

A: In the future we have a bunch of content coming from the Righteous music artists, so make sure you stay tuned for that. I hope to open my own store out in Denver one day. I’m in the works of getting a Righteous skate team going with my friend Michael (@MajinDookie). I want to really see my brand out in Japan, I’ve always been super into their culture since a kid. One of my dream collabs would be Righteous x Adidas. One day it’ll happen. My biggest goal for RI, is to become one of the biggest faces of the Colorado streetwear culture. 

Q: Could you give us a sneak peak or hint on what the next drop is looking like?

A: One thing I can tell you about the next drop is that one of the designs draws inspiration from Analog and Analog 2 by Tyler, The Creator. I’m currently working on a collab with another Colorado streetwear brand which will be releasing around my birthday in April. 

Q: What would you tell the people just like us who are scared or nervous to pursue what makes them happy in life?

A: I’d tell people to just go for it. The best decision I ever made was taking the risk to follow my dreams. So far, its been very stressful but amazing at the same time. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to see people wearing my brand. To all the people supporting Righteous, just know that I have so much love for y’all. In times when I’m feeling down or lack drive to keep pushing forward, I listen to “You Can Do It Too” by Pharrell and “Find Your Wings” by Tyler. You can literally do anything you put your mind to. Don’t have doubt or fear when following your dreams, manifest your dreams into reality and create the life you want to live. 


Twitter – @Righteous_CO@Celly_30 – Instagram – @righteousindividualsco@celly_30

Tumblrrighteousindividuals.tumblr.com – Soundcloud: Righteous Radio

YouTube: Righteous Visuals


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    Dang Marcel, I see you. I’m so proud of you. You’re amazing and it’s so awesome seeing you thrive. Keep doing what you love and I know you’ll get far. You’re so hardworking and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish. Love you!

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