Khadijah Evans: Self Control Fruiiit

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 “Apple Juice Falling From Her Lips…”

After an inspirational college basketball career and UT-Tyler’s graduation right around the corner, the work continues. The artistic athlete, Khadijah Evans, is always up to something and her latest piece is one of her best conceptual designs yet.

The 3 piece series is entitled The Fruit Collection: Self Control. Each canvas combined is Khadijah’s representation of the story of humanity that covers the gift and curses of self-control. The legendary religious story of Adam & Eve lends influence to Khadijah as she paints her interpretation of one of the many lessons learned from Adam & Eve: Self-Control.

I reached out to Khadijah for more personal insight in order to better understand her vision with these paintings. “We have to bear the fruit of self-control. God gave us the spirit, we just have to exercise it” Khadijah said. “The lips are innocent, before the physical fruit was eaten. But then again, we have to eat the spiritual fruit. Adam & Eve had no self-control, they ate the physical fruit but lacked the spiritual.”

It is said that the tongue is the most dangerous part of the body and one of the unnoticeably hardest things to control. From the words we say to the food we taste, we must have self-control. “From the mouth of the righteous comes the fruit of wisdom, but a perverse tongue will be silenced.” (Proverbs 10:31 NIV)

Special thanks to Khadijah for breaking it all down and stay tuned with GUD for even more of her impressive work.

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Last modified: 01/10/2017