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“If Anybody, Who Better…?”

Being passionate about something you love or your creative ideas is a gift and a curse. The gift, is being able to do something that brings you true happiness and allows you to fully bring your imaginative visions to life. On the other hand, the curse is how much real life gets in the way. Having a passion is a similar concept to being an adult. The freedom of being an adult is invigorating but the responsibilities can be infuriating.

“Life is fun. A lot of time, adult-ing gets in the way and it gets real mennonites.
At this point, we all recognize we are adults but that doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun.
That’s what Æ is here to provide.”

– (Charles Hazel of  Æ)

As the sole person behind GUD, I can definitely understand the struggle. Working a job you despise in order to support the passion you love. Colorado-based brand, Adult Ent. (Æ)” is all about the most relatable concept;  the beautiful struggle of adulthood. Æ is for the working class people like you and I. Working the job that makes you want to clock out right after clocking in, because you rather spend time putting your energy into what you care about. No matter if it’s working the phone-lines at a call-center during the day in order to perform at a local venue that night, Æ understands and is here to provide that entertainment.

A few months back, I found myself aimlessly swimming through my Twitter timeline and ran across “Adult Ent.”. The post was for the official Æ launch/release party which contained multiple variations of their eye-catching flyers. After doing some research, my hope was to attend the launch and indulge myself in the experience.

Unfortunately, life happened and I had to miss the launch. Despite missing out, the pictures from the event looked absolutely crazy. Live mural installment by Crispysz & AverageJonny, an array of simply dope merch (hoodies, shirts, apron, etc.) and an overall good ass time for everyone in attendance. I had to meet the person(s) behind this creation. It was clear that the vision behind Æ was one that is deeper than what meets the eye.

GUD linked up with Founder/Design Director, Torrance Green or “Pines“, to gain a better grasp of Æ’s and why they are “Not F*cking Around”. I’ve done a solid amount of Q & A’s lately but with all due respect, this was one of my most insightful and entertaining ones yet. GUD is 100% a cosign for the “shake shit up” future Æ has in store. Peep the interview below and don’t forget to check out their 3 day tour tonight and this weekend. I will be in attendance most certainly so you and your friends should too.

Æ : Pines

GUD (Devin): So how did Æ originally come about? 

PinesÆ originally started as Pines. It was my first brand when I had came back from New York after working with Mishka. I wasn’t too set on “Pines”, because it was my name and it felt like too much to me. It needed separation. Once I moved back out here, I was able to focus on rebranding and creating other concepts. The concept of Æ is based around the community of people who make companies run. Like your call center workers, your Starbucks baristas, your retail sales associates, and all that. But on their off days, their putting on events for the city, designing clothes, or photographing a client. They know they have to work that 9-5 bullshit to fund those things. 


GUD: When did Æ first officially launch?

Pines: Technically, it launched on March 25th but we were creating promo pieces and gear about two months before. We’ll say, March 25th, but the idea was conjured up since me and Jesse came together years ago.


GUD: After looking at your installations and creations, I can see organization and structure is of high importance for you. What would you say is your biggest focus with Æ? 

Pines: The audience. It is a mix of giving them something that they are into, but also something they have never seen. In the sense of quality and experience. The launch party in itself had a mural, BBQ truck, skating, porn and street fights playing on the TV inside. Our set up was more of a walkthrough entrance and exit that made people have to walk through the venue and see everything. Ideally, creating a real experience for the people. Shoutout to Derrick as well! He is real good people and let us have a lot of freedom to create with his venue. 


GUD: Woah, did you say porn and street fights? I noticed that, but I figured Æ was more than the stereotypical way most people would expect the brand to be. 

Pines: Æ is the vices and releases you get from doing your passion. That was the underlying of what Adult Ent. was in the most literal sense. We put a lot of thought into these events and peoples reactions. We knew the porn would be a talking piece. What everyone saw at that party, was how far we are willing to go. But that isn’t what people should expect at every event. It won’t always be as vulgar as people think it should be, but we did it on purpose. Since they’re thinking about it, we might as well give it to em. Nothing with Adult Ent. will ever be the same. 


GUD: After I saw all the photos from the launch party, I was so upset that I missed out.  I really wanted to just show up. Not knowing too much of anything or anyone. Just walk in and fully immerse myself in the event.  

Pines: Honestly, that is  my biggest curiosity because you never truly know how everyone feels. Everyone came through and showed a lot of love which was real cool. I really hope people had a good time but I would want to know what someone thought from that perspective of yours.


GUD: The promo pieces and photography Æ has is crazy good in my opinion. Who is the man behind it? 

Pines: That’s my guy Justin Day (JDay3). That is my right hand dude when it comes to shooting and creating. He has a mind of his own but can still understand my vision with shit. He is cold with the camera. I will go on record saying he is easily one of the coldest photographers in Denver. No, he IS THE coldest. 


GUD: The next morning when you woke up, how did it feel after putting on that event?  

Pines: Man…it was cool that is was actually done. I get stressed. I get really, really stressed and anal leading up to that shit. Even during the event, I don’t usually have “fun” because I’m too busy selling our shit and bouncing around from conversation to conversation. (laughs) It’s cool meeting a lot of people too. The day after is reflection. Reflecting on the people you’ve seen and finally got to meet or just meeting people. A lot of reflection with Chuck, Jesse, Charles and everybody because were always together after an event. It felt f*cking awesome though. The people who came made that event what it was. 


GUD: From product to experience, the way you carry out your ideas is a representation of how passionate you are about what you do. What inspires your attention to detail? 

Pines: I’ve always been into streetwear, but I’ve always dressed differently then a lot of people. I dress comfortably and like my personality more so rather than trendy things. With that being said, I’ve always been really attentive to people who were doing things I wanted to do when I wasn’t doing it. I would critique it and think of how I would do certain things if I had the opportunity to do so. For example, the clothing at the launch was exclusive and had specific variety. No one piece was the same and exclusive to the party.  


GUD: What can people expect from the 3-day 4/20 weekend party this week?  

Pines: You have to just be there. I can’t say much. 


GUD: Where do you plan to take Adult Ent. ?

Pines: Honestly, there is a lot planned from now and the rest of 2017. It’s loosely planned out. Past this year, I’m really just trying to see what happens. I understand this shit could be dead the next day but I’m really aiming to keep pushing myself and those around me to progress. If we progress, naturally everyone else will progress with us. I love that my friends will tell me if some shit is corny. Those are real friends. As long as we progress together, the city will progress with us. I’m trying to outfit the city and take it over. I don’t care how that comes across. I want to drive down the street and see someone wearing Æ while having no clue who I am. 



GUD: You currently work at Jibberish and FICE Gallery. Do you ever day dream about owning/opening your own gallery or store?   

Pines: Hell yeah. There is never a secret. I want to work for myself at the end of the day. That is the reason I think either of us do this shit. It is the ultimate goal. I love FICE and Jibberish but my end goal is bigger. I’ve always wanted a store or boutique. I would want a new setup like bi-monthly or every 6 months. I could see myself doing this in 5 years. It better be something I’m doing. I love marketing and PR. Adult Ent. has never been about being the next Tommy Hilfiger or some shit. Everything I do, I want people to f*ck with. It doesn’t have to be clothes all the time. It is all about the experience. 


GUD: If you could lend advice to someone who is hesitant or scared to chase their dreams, what would it be? 

Pines: Keep your name clean. Surround yourself with good people and stop being a bitch. 

Last modified: 01/10/2017