Malik Radford: Goku vs. Piccolo

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“Goku vs Piccolo”

Growing up in the 90’s, there was nothing on television more entertaining than the legendary anime series, Dragon Ball Z. The story lines and fighting sequences were just jaw dropping and super exciting as child. It made me wish I had super powers. One of my favorite characters was Piccolo.

GUD’s recently featured VCU artist, Malik Radford, completed an amazing Dragon Ball Z commission that serves as just another example of his skill level. I may not know much about art, but I can see the attention to detail on one of DBZ’s most classic early scenes as Goku delivers one of the final blows to Piccolo.

Overtime, Malik has continued to improve and consistently deliver quality in his drawings. The man or woman who reached out for this specific commissioned piece is guaranteed to be satisfied with the results.

Check out the drawing piece below and stay tuned with GUD for more!

Last modified: 01/10/2017