The Beginning of “Sev7en” w/Sammy

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“Founded on Passion”

THIS IS WHY I CREATED GUD! If I can use GUD to give even one person the necessary push to chase their dreams, then I am doing my job. It is all about fearing less, until your fearless. Finding comfort in the discomfort of failure. You only get one life. Go chase your passion and happiness like 16-year-old, Sammy Rodriguez, out of Corpus Christi, TX.

Inspired by music and family, Sammy decided to create his own clothing brand “Sev7en”. As he geared up for the first debut of Sev7en, I reached out to inquire about the new brand.

After going back and forth with Sammy for a few days on Twitter, I learned he was pursuing a dream of his. I took a look at his first piece and offered him a spot up on GUD.

As it turns out, Sammy has been following GUD for quite some time. Since reading some of the past feature stories, the young man felt even more inspired to just GO FOR IT!

Despite being one of the youngest featured creatives on GUD, this young man is a great example. No matter how young, you should always chase your happiness in life.

Peep the Q&A with Sev7en Sammy and I below,  stay tuned and GET INSPIRED!

Sammy Rodriguez : SEV7EN

Age: 16 – School/Degree: Junior at Veterans Memorial High School


GUD (Devin): Who is Sammy Rodriguez?

SAM: I’m just a kid who loves music, style, art and the Lakers. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX, I am usually with my friends taking pictures, playing 2K or just enjoying life. 


G: What inspired you to finally of out there and start Sev7en Clothing?

S: My mother, step-father and I were sitting at the dinner table one night. We talked about the direction of my resell/consignment sneaker website I had currently been working with at the time. I had lost interest in the site and was no longer feeling it. I had previously mentioned to my parents that I liked the thought of designing my own clothes. My step-dad brought up the idea again one day and suggest I start my own brand. That night, I told myself “Screw it! I’m going to start this”. The ideas immediately started flowing. From designs to execution, I had thought about all of it. I knew I had to run with this. If I never tried, I would never know.


G: The first design was pretty impressive. Very solid execution for your first piece. How did the concept come together?

S: I get a lot of inspiration from the variety of music I listen to. The colors, concepts and overall design of the “Debut Tee” was inspired by elements from the 80’s. 


G: What is Sev7en Clothing to you?

S: I Sev7en Clothing was founded on passion. I have a love for design. I have a love for style. I wanted Sev7en Clothing to represent the individual wearing it. Whoever that may be, it is a brand without the labels of society.   


G: What is your current job?

S: Student and Entrepreneur.


G: Does the city have any inspiration or motivation in what you create?

S: No it does not. However, our upcoming collection “By the Bay” pays homage to the city of Corpus Christi.  


G: Where do you plan to take Sev7en Clothing?

S: My ultimate dream would be to take Sev7en Clothing nationwide. I want it to stay independent and affordable for the people who actually have a love for streetwear.


G: This is your first step in the direction of pursuing the things you’ve always wanted to create. If you could give any advice to motivate people to chase their happiness, what would it be?

S: Always chase your dreams and do what makes YOU happy. Surround yourself with people who support you 100%. Follow the dreams and passions you have. Not the dreams other have for you. Because at the end of the day, the only happiness that matters is YOURS.   

Last modified: 01/10/2017