Larce Blake: Why Can’t I Sleep (EP)

Written by | ARCHIVES

“4 Tracks. No Skips.”

This past weekend while searching through the depth’s of Soundcloud, I stumbled across a PURE gem. One of those projects you press play and then repeat at the end. All thanks to a repost from dreamchild, I came across the vibrant ““Why Can’t I Sleep” EP from Larce Blake.

Larce concocts the perfect mixture of warm, summertime sounds while intertwining classics ranging from Mariah Carey to street legends of DSR. I lost my sh*t when I heard the Dallas rap influence on “Good Idea”.

You can hear a hint of damn near everything in his production with electronic, house, contemporary r&b and hip-hop influences. Larce does a consistently good job at giving each track its own individual feel while making the EP flow smoothly.

Stream “Why Can’t I Sleep” below and I guarantee you will have it on repeat. I most certainly purchased the EP on iTunes, but it is available on all music streaming platforms right now.

Let the vibes takeover and GET INSPIRED. 

Last modified: 01/10/2017