Khadijah: Fruit Collection “LOVE”

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“Love is at the Root”

As a new chapter begins for UT-Tyler graduate, Khadijah Evans, the work continues. Khadijah creates her most intricate and interesting work, when she taps into her religious roots. The latest installment to her Fruit Collection series is a “LOVE” inspired piece.

Khadijah pulls inspiration from Psalm’s and Corinthians, with the visual representation of true love. The couple stare endlessly into each others eye’s as their form depicts that of a heart. Gold highlights the melanin skin and the purple roots represent their crown. Fruit of all sorts is scattered throughout the background, representing the fruit of the spirit in which God holds. The attention to detail and symbolism within the “LOVE” piece is deep. (Khadijah explains below)

The Fruit Collection series is shaping up to certainly serve as a testament to Khadijah’s consistent artistic growth. I’m personally looking forward to what is to come next from the creative mind of Khadijah.

Check out the “LOVE” piece below and stay tuned with GUD for more. GET INSPIRED!

Last modified: 01/10/2017