Malik Radford: FKA Twigs

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“Malik X Twigs”

Malik Radford adds his signature customization to FKA Twigs album cover “M3LL155X” and NAILS IT.

The cover art for her 2015 album is an illusion that almost forces the human eye to focus. Her mysterious yet sensual imagery often matches the unique sound of her music with cloudy undertones.

The most mesmerizing thing about Malik’s work is his customized touch. No creation is exactly like the image he is recreating. There is always an extra layer of substance or life.

Malik manages to perfectly catch every detail of Twigs from the neck creases hidden in shadows to the flawlessly laid edges of her hair. The drawing is all brought together with the addition of a bronze/gold background with and the signature cartoon arms flowing throughout the canvas.

Check out how the drawing came to be below and stay with GUD for more! GET INSPIRED.

Last modified: 01/10/2017