Shooting For The Stars w/ Milo Lee

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“Right Spot, Right Moment”

In the world we live in today, it is a daily grind to establish yourself within your creative realm. You won’t always know someone or gain that career changing internship. It is never as easy as it seems. This is why now more than ever, it is important to make a name for yourself.

Colorado’s most notorious concert photographer, Milo Lee, is a prime example of the independent grand. I’ve stumbled upon a handful of quality concert shooters in Colorado, but Milo’s work is unique. It always seemed as if he could capture the perfect shot to reflect the energy of a show.

At only 21-years-old, Milo has already been recognized by todays most popular publications such as Hypebeast, XXL, Fader, and BLUNTIQ. Despite his early success, these accolades didn’t happen overnight. It took hundreds of shows and thousands of shots. Consistency is key, but quality is where the balance lies. I believe the visual journey of Milo Lee’s early photography career is one that can inspire us all to continue grinding it out; even myself. (Peep the interview below)
Name: Milo Lee (Milo Lee Abrams-Hickman)
Title:Photographer – Age: 21 – Denver, CO
Devin (GUD): What first brought you into photography? 
Milo Lee: I’ve been shooting since I was a sophomore in high school, but more seriously with concerts and stuff since the end of 2015. My bro, Tony Neek$, had a show that I shot at first. After that, I just got more and more into the shows and scene here. 
GUD: When did you realize you wanted to pursue photography as a career?  
ML: It’s just dope getting to be hella creative and working with people who I’ve looked up to for a while. I really f*ck with music and pictures, so it’s tight to combine the two and make something of it. 
GUD: Did you ever give up or doubt your passion for photography? 
ML:I’ve always been passionate about my work and I definitely haven’t lost that. I feel like there is sometimes a question if I am making the right moves and etc. When I put my head down and work, that’s when sh*t happens.
GUD: How does it feel to make a name for yourself at such a young age?  
ML: It’s mad crazy! I really feel my work is at that level. That’s where I’ve always seen myself being, so it’s dope to actually see it in those publications. My name is out there, but I definitely see myself growing much more. Definitely thankful for those who support my work. 
GUD: Do you still currently work for BLUNTIQ or your work is more freelance at this point? 
ML: I still create for BLUNTIQ along with other publications. Almost all of my work is freelance. 
GUD: Somehow, you manage to capture the perfect shot that represents the shows energy. How…?
ML: (*laughs) I can’t even say myself. I’m just good at being in the right spot in the right moment with some luck. When your at almost every show, I feel like I can recognize when the dope moments are about to happen. 
GUD: Who has been your favorite artist to shoot and who is your dream artist to shoot? 
ML: My favorite show I’ve shot so far was Kid Cudi last summer in Winterpark. It was mad crazy! He looked right in my camera (*laughs) and those shots were the ones on Hypebeast. I think my favorite artist to shoot is Famous Dex. I’ve shot him all 3 times in Denver and each time has been lit. My dream artist to shoot at the moment is Travis $cott. I’ve never seen him live and his shows look insane! 
GUD: What advice could you give to young creative minds out there? 
ML: Just keep doing you. If you like doing something, keep doing that sh*t. Always keep working on your craft. Patience sucks, but you’ll get there if you work hard enough. 

Last modified: 01/10/2017