Khadijah Evans: Tupac & Acid Rap

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“A Legend & A Legend In The Making”

The relationship between Khadijah Evans and her paint brush is one that can only be understood through her artwork. It’s special and unique or as she would call it “God’s Gift”.

These past few weeks, Khadijah has been in quite the creative space. Her two hip-hop portraits focused on two of the most inspirational artist of our generation. One is a certified legend and the other is a legend in the making.

Yesterday, the world celebrated the birthday of the late Tupac Shakur. With his classic discography and the release of his (controversial) biopic, Khadijah took her inspiration to the canvas. The painting captures Pac with his head bowed behind his hands in prayer holding a rose. Everything comes together with the abstract use of colors and lines. Detail is a particular skill of Khadijah’s as the signature bandana shines in a halo like gold. Pac’s grey hands are symbolic to the concrete reality in his lyrics.

Before finishing up the Pac piece, Khadijah also took on another portrait of one hip-hop’s biggest names, Chance The Rapper. In the past, Khadijah has done a few Chance portraits but this one is a bit different. Her most recent Chance piece stems from the cover of his classic mixtape, “Acid Rap”.

Stay tuned for more artwork from Khadijah Evans and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter at @HoboDia .


Last modified: 01/10/2017

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Khadijah Evans: Tupac & Acid Rap

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