“I’m not afraid of failing. As a matter of fact, I failed so many times before my first run around the bases; you wouldn’t believe it. That’s what taught me to respect the success. So, trust what you know. Rock with your folks. But take no prisoners.”

GiveUhDamn: Stay Inspired

I’ve spent the past three years carefully crafting this GUD idea of mine entitled, GiveUhDamn. In my mind, each time I launched the brand it was a fail. I always felt like something behind the brand was missing. The process of trial and error.

I had to face facts. The music blog industry is dead and oversaturated. If I really wanted to leave my footprint in the hip-hop culture, I had to be transparently different while serving a purpose. Something people had never seen before. A brand that wasn’t “to” the people but “for” the people. The liberating feeling of offering something meaningful and unexampled. A combination of passion, appreciation, and goodwill to ensure failure is not an option.

GiveUhDamn’s roots stem from the forever evolving hip-hop culture and ground breaking youth.

Why hip-hop you ask? You can debate this forever, but in today’s day and age, hip-hop has played a role in damn near everything these days from marketing to fashion. Look around…

Who are “the people” you ask? GUD is for the millennials in age or mind. The creative dream chasers who sacrifice countless hours of sleep in order to turn dreams into a reality. 

The inspiring untold narratives from like-minded individuals are compiled on GUD to showcase unknown talent while challenging more of the generation to make the impossible, possible. 

I want to inspire. We all aren’t promised to succeed. But why spend life regretting what you could have done, when you could have at least tried. If you don’t care about anything in this world, at least GiveUhDamn about finding peace in the things that make you happy. 

Sometimes you have to just press play and never stop. 

Devin R. Tyler




Who run’s GUD?

Me (Devin Tyler). This entire brand from social media to the actual website is maintained by myself with the occasional contribution from other writers for feature post. When GiveUhDamn becomes more established, it would be awesome to start recruiting and lending out internship opportunities.

What content should I expect from GUD?

You should expect 100% real opinion and personality in every post. GUD’s content consist of new underground music, art, fashion, photography and more thought-provoking/influential content. NO MAINTSTREAM. This is for all the people coming up.

Where are you based?

Right now, I am based in Denver, Colorado but my content does not have a certain geographical focus. Being from Texas and living in Colorado, I tend to cover the southern region but it isn’t restricted to any location.

How can I send you some of my work?

GiveUhDamn@gmail.com but KNOW THIS, not everyone’s submission will make the website (respectfully). Each email will be considered and acknowledged but due to content control, the postings will be selective. I’m sorry, but it is all a process.

Do you charge for post?

Never! I do this 100% for the culture and the people. I base post selection off of quality of work and the strength of drive or passion to succeed. As well as creativity. It’s all about showcasing these creative pieces and connecting people for future success. My payment comes from spreading love and inspiring others. I can’t make this sh*t up people.  

How can I follow on social media?

You can follow the brand and myself on Twitter mainly @DevinNoOneCares & @GiveUhDamn.